Whidbey Profiles: Farm Couture by Tobey Nelson and Russell Sparkman

They say you can’t put lipstick on a pig.

But, no one said anything about not putting flower garlands on a pig. Or a chicken, a chick or an alpaca, for that matter.

So that’s exactly what Tobey Nelson, a Whidbey Island-based expert in floral couture and sustainable floral design and Whidbey-based photographer Russell Sparkman, set out to do recently.

Titled “Farm Couture,” this is an ongoing collaboration between Russell and Tobey. As neighbors and friends of Primal Island, we hope you find a moment of joy in these fun and silly portraits!

Major Greyhen strikes a commanding “Blue Steel” pose to show off her floral insignia breastplate . © Russell Sparkman
Lucy, the pot-bellied pig, works the plus-size fashion runway with confidence and a delicately feminine floral scarf. © Russell Sparkman
Youth model, Chick Vicious, rocks a punk look and a delicate dandelion collar. Daring fashion statement, to say the least! © Russell Sparkman
Bellen the alpaca projects a smoldering intensity while modeling a garland neckpiece. The dams in the farmyard can’t help but swoon. © Russell Sparkman