We discovered Primal granola at PCC in Seattle and use it exclusively for breakfast with added bananas, yogurt, walnuts, Now with the pandemic we moved up to our Mt. Baker cabin and discovered that we could buy it via shipping directly…such a gift to have it sent directly because otherwise no cereal at all. Thank you for a wonderfully healthy and delicious product and for making it easily available.


I’ve tried several gluten-free granolas, but Primal Island is the only one I’ve bought more than once. The flavor, texture, and sweetness are just right!


This is so good it makes you want to cuss. No kidding…omg! It definitely makes all other granola cry uncle, for sure. It is edible art, if you ask me! We went to school with Marybeth Shirley & she is the owner & chef behind the genius & heart that went into these bags… Paleo, gluten & grain free to boot. Totally check this out~~~a guilty pleasure you can feel good about! Thank you Marybeth!!


I went shopping for breakfast cereal while traveling and shortly after starting Paleo, and found this delicious cereal! I started ordering it online for the convenience of having it shipped directly to my home, and now I’m hooked!


This is the best grain free granola on the market in the US. I travel these United States and ate (thanks to you) tons of granola in my travels and none compares. I love the fresh ingredients, unique flavor combinations and rapid shipping to me. Thanks for making it impossible to enjoy any other granola.


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