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New Market and other great stuff

MB and Janell, Janell's Gluten Free Market, Everett, WA

MB and Janell, Janell’s Gluten Free Market, Everett, WA

That’s Janell on the right.    She owns and operates a market in Everett, WA called Janell’s Gluten Free Market.  Her store is dedicated to providing gluten-free foods… And she’s our most recent retailer!

From National Guardperson to market owner, hers is a really inspiring story of how one person overcame her body’s gluten intolerance and is helping others with similar issues.  Read more about Janell here:  http://www.janellsglutenfreemarket.com/pageAboutJanell

Her store is at 7024 Evergreeen Way, Ste A, Everett, WA.  Stop by and say “hi”.

I braved the first really wet storm of the season and caught the ferry off the island to do a tasting over there.  I even put on my “city clothes” for the event!  (A girl’s gotta put away the down coat and mud boots every once in a while!)

We also had a really fun day at the last farmers’ market of the year in Langley.  Even though the wind was blowing unsecured awnings all over town, lots of folks, both regular islanders and visitors from afar, were ignoring the gusts and enjoying the market.  A stage was set up in front of the old fire station.  My daughter stepped up to the mic for an a cappella set as well.  She sounded great, of course…and, no, I’m not the least bit biased!

Visitors from Idaho Falls, Portland and lots of other places stopped by the booth.  A couple of good friends bought bags as host gifts for upcoming travels!  These markets are always fun!

Another exciting thing happened this week:  As the previous post says, we’re on www.marksdailyapple.com ‘s “primal post-it” contest.  That prompted quite a bit of website activity and two inquiries from Great Britain.  Ben, your granola is on its way to your place in London.  Enjoy!

We also got on Amazon this week.  The reviews are coming in…all the support is great…and a little overwhelming!

Win 8 bags of Primal Island Toasted Coconut Granola!

Mark’s Daily Apple is having a really great contest.  The short version:  place a Post-It note, with a Paleo-oriented message on it, on an item and snap a photo.  Photo-shopped photos are ok as well.  Send it to Mark@marksdailyapple.com.

Here is the link to the contest page:  http://www.marksdailyapple.com/contest-primal-post-its-2/#axzz2fjMxFmMp

If you win, you’ll receive 8 bags of Primal Island Toasted Coconut Granola and six of each treat from Paleo Treats… Mmmmm.


Benefits of a Paleo Diet

Everyone gets into Paleo for different reasons and experiences different results and changes in their bodies, mood and energy levels. But pretty much everyone agrees that eating the Paleo/Primal way makes you feel pretty damn awesome. Let’s go through a list of reported and known benefits (taken from multiple success stories, studies, books and articles).


You eat unprocessed, real food

Paleo and primal diets consist of real, whole foods – except for some natural but bottled or packaged sauces, condiments and ingredients –  so you automatically eliminate a whole range of preservatives, hidden sugars, sodium, additives, colouring, artificial flavouring and who knows what else. As a result you eliminate unnecessary toxins and consume more nutrients, plus the food tastes so much better.

Paleo diet is rich in nutrients 

One of the misconceptions about the Paleo diet is that it’s all about protein and fat. What many don’t realize is that by eliminating nutrient-void processed carbs – I call them fillers – we supplement with loads of vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, berries and fruit, all of which are full of minerals and vitamins. Combine that with the improved gut health and increased nutrient absorption which happens through avoidance of irritating grains and legumes, and you get a very balanced diet. You’d be surprised that we can get pretty much all required nutrients from animal, seafood and plant-based foods.

Sustained weight loss

Most people experience weight loss and muscle growth while eating a paleo diet and keeping an active lifestyle. Improved metabolic processes and gut health, better sleep, stress management, sufficient Vitamin D and a healthy ratio of Omega-3/6 fatty acids all aid in burning off stored body fat.

Reduced bloat (and gas)

Paleo diet provides lots of fiber, which together with adequate H2O intake and a smaller intake of sodium help to decrease the bloat many people experience on a Western diet. Plus, paleo diet helps to improve the gut flora which is essential in keeping a healthy digestion.

Say goodbye to Hangry 

Hangry is a combination of hungry+angry, which is a common symptom for many people suffering from acute or chronic hyperglycemia. This also happens when the blood sugar drops and the person gets a rapid onset of hunger accompanied by irritability, fatigue, disorientation, and a foggy mind. Meals consisting of protein and fat are very satiating. The energy your body gets from fat, protein and some glucose from low GI carbs is released slowly and evenly throughout the day. As a result, the blood sugar levels stay stable and you rarely experience energy drops; hunger develops gradually without the crazy mood swings.

It’s rich in healthy fats

Paleo diet promotes healthy saturated fat from grass-fed meat, poultry, seafood, ghee, butter and coconuts; lots of monounsaturated fat from olive oil, nuts and seeds and a small amount of polyunsaturated fats; no trans fats; a healthy ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids.  The right types of fat are essential in maintaining healthy arteries, brain function, and healthy skin, as well as decreasing systemic inflammation.

People following the Paleo/Primal diet experience many of the below benefits:

Increased and more stable energy levels
Improved sleep
Clearer skin and healthier looking hair
Mental clarity
Improved mood and attitude
Improvements in those suffering depression or anxieties
Less or no bloating, decreased gas
Sustained weight loss
Muscle growth; increased fitness
Lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer
Higher immune function and a general feeling of well being
Improved glucose tolerance; decreased insulin secretion and increased insulin sensitivity
Improved lipid profiles
Healthier gut flora
Better absorption of nutrients from food
Reduced allergies
Paleo diet is anti-inflammatory, most people experience reduction of pain associated with inflammation
Improvements in those with respiratory problems such as asthma

Are there any negative long-term effects of the Paleo diet? Robb Wolf sums it up pretty well in this video.

How long before I see results? Again, I will let Robb Wolf give you the answer.

Additional reading & references:

What’s the difference between Paleo & Primal diets?

– Robb Wolf’s What is the paleo diet?  and his book The Paleo Solution

– This study looked at base (usual) diet vs Paleolithic diet

– Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fullon

– Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

– The Weston A. Price Foundation website has lots of fantastic info

– Wheat Belly

– Grass fed meat health benefits

Paleo Diet testimonials from Robb Wolf’s website can be found here and success stories of living the Primal life can be found on Mark Sisson’s website here.

*Courtesy of eatdrinkpaleo.com