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Primal Island Paleo Granola

You will love our nourishing low-carb granolas. Each recipe is grain free and contains only natural and organic ingredients. You will never feel guilty about feeding the kids our granola for a breakfast ready in under 30 seconds.

Many of our granolas also fit into a keto nutrition profile. Sweetened very lightly with organic honey, most of our granolas have less than 10g of net carbs, and are high in healthy fats from coconut and nuts.

How do we make our granola so low carb?

Primal Island granolas range from 7-11g net carbs per serving, which is friendly to low carb and ketogenic diets. We sweeten our cereals very lightly with organic honey, and never add sugar. The base of each granola is organic coconut, nuts, and seeds, so you get crispy flakes and satisfying clusters of crunchy goodness. Unlike other brands, we never use fillers to reduce our costs at the expense of nutrition or taste.

Is paleo granola good for you?

Paleo granola is a great breakfast choice if you are health-conscious. It is filled with wholesome, organic ingredients and important micro and macronutrients. Our paleo granolas use ingredients like flaked coconut, almonds, flax seeds, dried fruit, and organic honey. The granolas are sweetened only lightly, so you are filled up with substantive healthy fats and protein rather than relying on sugar and grains like normal breakfast cereals.

Why choose paleo granola for breakfast?

Eggs and bacon may come to mind when you think of a “paleo breakfast”. While those are always great options, paleo granola is perfect for when you want something nutrient-dense, but don’t want to spend a long time cooking. Your low-carb granola is ready in 30 seconds, the same as any other cereal. Just add your milk or yogurt of choice (we like almond and coconut-based products!) and you are ready to chow down.

Paleo granola is a great pick for breakfast because it will fuel your mind and body all day. No matter which flavor you choose, the granola is filled with coconut, almonds, and seeds, which have the fats and protein your body needs. Whether you are working on your home farm, heading to work, or studying all day long, paleo granola will keep you going.

Is paleo granola keto-friendly?

Everyone does the ketogenic diet differently, so for some people, paleo granola will fit their nutritional preferences, and for others, it will not. Primal Island Toasted Coconut granola has only 7g of net carbohydrates, so many people on the keto diet find that it fits their needs. However, it does contain a little bit of organic honey as the only sweeteners, so it might not be the best fit for those who are trying to go zero carb or zero sugar.

Where to buy paleo granola

You can shop Primal Island Paleo Granola online from the comfort of your own home, or find us in many grocery stores across the Northwest. Use our location finder to find our paleo granola in Whole Foods, PCC, Metropolitan Market, QFC, Safeway and independent natural grocers in Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho and Alaska.