Delicious Paleo Recipes for your July 4th BBQ

Succulent, sweet, savory BBQ chicken leg and thighs and boneless pork ribs! I love having a combo of meat options in one meal and sharing a little bit of each around the table.

Summer greetings, everyone!

I hope wherever you are this 4th of July you can enjoy some time outdoors in the sun.

On Whidbey Island we are finally seeing some sunshine. For my family,
that means grilling almost every night and BBQ sauce is part of the mix.  I love the taste of any grilled food (meat or veggie) and a good bbq sauce is a requirement for my summer food experience.

Today we have included some Paleo-friendly options to spark ideas: a homemade bbq sauce recipe, if you’re feeling industrious, as well as a store-bought Primal Kitchen Paleo BBQ sauce you can trust that has clean ingredients and is low in carbs.


Paleo BBQ Sauce Options

Classic BBQ Sauce, Organic & Unsweetened

If you’re going the store-bought BBQ sauce route, we highly recommend PRIMAL KITCHEN’s Classic BBQ Sauce!

It’s organic, unsweetened, and ready to spread onto savory dishes with bold, smoky flavor.

Certified Paleo, Keto Certified, gluten free, and Whole30 Approved®, this sauce works as a marinade, a burger topping or a sweet potato fries condiment.


30 Recipes for a Paleo BBQ

A July 4th BBQ is synonymous with recreation and fun in the outdoors.

That’s why we like this list of Paleo-friendly recipes, which are geared toward spending as little time indoors on the day of your big cookout!


Recipe: Paleo BBQ Sauce

Here’s a Paleo BBQ Sauce Recipe that’s free of refined sugars and junky oils, and features 4 different renditions to customize to your tastes!

Written by Cassy Joy Garcia, author and nutritionist, this recipe will pair well with our own Primal Island Paleo-friendly margaritas!