We go back. Way back.

Reinventing your traditional granola (on every level)

Primal Island’s original granola recipe was born out of Marybeth’s desire to provide her family with a gluten-free, grain-free alternative to store bought granola that didn’t compromise taste and quality.

Her homemade iteration of the breakfast food staple quickly garnered attention from her community and soon she began receiving several purchase requests from like-minded families.

This was when she realized the high demand for an elevated granola that surpasses traditional oat-based granolas on every level (taste, texture, and appearance), but did so without using any additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients.


Health inspired. Chef designed.

With roots in Washington State’s Whidbey Island, Marybeth’s background as a former chef, caterer, and farmer instilled in her an affinity for making real ingredients taste delicious.

Her REAL inspiration came after facing several health issues as an adult, she began searching for natural remedies to incorporate into her routine. Marybeth stumbled upon the primal diet (which follows the same eating patterns of primitive humans from way back when), and began tailoring her diet accordingly.

Woman owned. Thoughtfully handcrafted.

Sure enough, eliminating processed sugars, grains, and seed oils proved to be a huge benefit for Marybeth’s ailments, and she became eager to make health-conscious choices for her and her family — beginning with one of her household’s most eaten breakfast foods: granola.

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Changing the way Everyone experiences granola

Marybeth began selling Primal Island at the local farmer’s market when her granola piqued the interest of a Whole Foods buyer. She eventually got into local grocery stores (including Whole Foods) but now reaches hundreds more online who want to elevate their diet.

To this day, Primal Island makes all granola in small, hand-crafted batches with love.

Sourced directly from Farmers worldwide.

All of our sourcing is done with intention for our customers, the community, and the earth.

Marybeth’s Favorites


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