Make your home a safe haven for you and the planet! By using non-toxic ingredients, you can reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals that negatively impact air quality. Do some research on labels for organic or eco-friendly products – it’s an easy step towards creating healthier indoor air without sacrificing environmental sustainability. You’ll be saying bye to VOCs, phthalates (and headaches!) in no time!

Having a healthy home environment is key to avoiding all sorts of respiratory issues. To keep your air clean, and pollutant-free and finally achieve building a non-toxic home, try these easy tips:

  1. Switch out toxic cleansers for natural ones. Choose natural cleaning products to scrub away dirt without adding any nasty toxins into the air.
  2. If you’re worried about the smell, opt in for essential oil diffusers instead of synthetic scents.
  3. Monitor humidity levels with a hygrometer. Make sure that levels of humidity aren’t too high (or low!)
  4. Let some fresh air flow through windows regularly by increasing ventilation circulation – even if it’s just 10 minutes per day!
  5. Swap hazardous furniture like foam mattresses or couches stuffed with flame retardants for eco-friendly alternatives such as organic cotton and wool.
  6. Smoke? Don’t do it inside.
  7. Also don’t forget about keeping the place tidy, since dust particles can also be major contributors to poor indoor quality.

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