Women in Business Series:
Finding Balance with Leila Dylla

Leila Dylla is a yoga teacher, wellness advocate, and spiritual mentor for women. She’s been working in this arena for 7 years. We recently reached out to Leila to ask her about how she navigates her work / life balance.

How did you come to be in this, as a business? What was your path?
I started teaching yoga when I was 19 years old, and I knew right away that this was what I wanted to do forever. It came naturally to me, and I was deeply inspired by the healing process, and transformation that can happen to those who commit their energy and time to self – discovery and inner awakening.

What’s been one of your biggest successes, that thing that helped you believe “I can do this?”
Watching my students and clients have “aha” moments. It takes so little to make the deepest part of who we are happy. My job is helping people remember what “that” is. When there is a breakthrough in understanding, a release, and joy filled freedom… it reassures me that this is my path. 

I like watching my students and clients have “aha” moments. It takes so little to make the deepest part of who we are happy.

Leila Dylla

What are your greatest challenges?
Figuring out how to actually run a business. I have had to really focus to understand how to do my taxes correctly, and how to enter into proper contracts with other teachers, and how to function the technical side of things. I am a creative and rebel at heart, so following the rules and crossing all the T’s is my challenge.

Another big one for me was understanding my worth, and setting boundaries to keep myself healthy and safe. Learning that what I have to offer is unique and valuable, and cultivating the courage I needed to charge for it. Then, learning to say no when needed (and scary), and YES when it’s needed (and scary). I suppose it all boils down to trusting myself. My abilities, and my offering. 

Of the challenges you’ve faced, tell us about something you’ve overcome and how you resolved the challenge?
Learning to do one thing at a time. Within my own life, and in the women that I guide, there is almost always a thread of “not enoughness”… and in that belief, we feel as though we must say yes to everything in order to be worthy, and in order to be seen.

Through my personal empowerment work, years of therapy, and guidance from mentors and teachers I was able to learn that what I have to offer is valuable, and that I actually am able to offer it to the world with more potency if I focus on digging one well at a time.

One of my teachers once told me, “you will eventually hit an abundance of water if you dig one well deeply, instead of digging ten wells, but shallow.” That stuck with me, and I remember it everyday as I apply myself to different avenues of knowledge that inspire me, and when I give my attention to my clients. I now only say yes to the things that light me up, so i can dig those wells deeply, and I am able to confidently say no to the things that are not for me. In this I have more power, and more love to share with those I’m working with… (this principle stands true for all areas of life!)

“Your body is your soul’s chance to be here. If it is not cared for properly, then you will not be able to share your purpose with the world in the biggest way.”

Leila Dylla

What are 3 things about being a Women in Business that you’ve learned that you’d like to share with other women?
1. Get curious about the things that make you compassionatly angry about the world. Then, get curious about what you can do about it.

2. Take care of yourself every single day. What you do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Sit silently and breathe (meditate) every morning, no matter what. This creates space in your mind and inner world for the possibility for brilliant creativity to arise. Feed yourself real food, drink lots of water, and move your body. Your body is your soul’s chance to be here. If it is not cared for properly, then you will not be able to share your purpose with the world in the biggest way.

3. Slow down, do less, and Listen to your heart. Your heart is the home of your Soul. And, when we take the time to connect to this place, we cannot be led astray. Your greatest potential lies within you… just waiting for you to listen.

4. (Bonus!) Ask for help. You don’t have to be great at everything. There are people who love to do the shit you hate. Hire them, and build a team! 

Do you think that being a women in business confers upon you certain traits, ways of approaching things, and if so, what are they and how do they help/hinder your business
Being a woman in business has built my confidence in a grounded way. I used to have a hard time making decisions, asking for help, and speaking my personal needs to others. But as my business and I have grown together, I have learned to be impeccable in these areas.

It has afforded me poise, and peace of mind in my personal and professional life. It can be challenging at times, when a hard conversation is needed, or when It’s time to pivot and try something new… but I believe in what I have come here to do, and am grateful everyday to be my own boss! 

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