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Indulge in Guilt-Free Bliss

Irresistible, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free Granola

“Recommended by Dietitians as one of the Best Low-Carb Breakfast to try!”


Proof that delicious-tasting granola (without the grains, gluten, or sugar) is possible!

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“The best granola we’ve ever tasted, made right here in Whidbey Island!”

-April Pollock


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“It’s nothing like the other granolas filled with oats and I love it! It’s crunchy, the flavors are spot-on and, because they use a bit of natural sweeteners like honey, they’re not too sweet.”

-Don Baiocchi


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“…I like to snack on my Primal Island granola. It makes it so much easier to stay on track whenever it comes to your health and wellness goals by snacking on things with natural sweeteners like real fruits and steering clear from the nasties like artificial syrups and sugar and all that stuff.”

-Katie Calloway


Forget everything (you thought) you knew about granola.

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Forget everything (you thought) you knew about granola.

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See what the buzz is all about

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“I’m thrilled that I can enjoy the textures, flavors and convenience of your granola without the added S*** in my system :)”


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“Getting high quality grain free granola without chemical ingredients is tricky – you do all that – and it is delicious!”


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“Yahooooooooo!!! Our yogurt just hasn’t been the same without our beloved Toasted Coconut….We’re hooked!!!!”


Real Flavors. Real Ingredients.

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Guilt-Free Satisfaction

Whether you’re enjoying it by the spoonful or bagful, our nutrient-dense granolas fuel your body and satisfy any craving without the guilt.

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100% Real Flavor

Grain-free, gluten-free granola doesn’t have to be boring. Or taste like cardboard. We let the natural flavors of our ingredients create an irresistibly tasty granola your palate will approve of.

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Superfood Ingredients

We don’t like guesswork. We’ve swapped things like artificial fillers and added sugars with healthier ingredients you can actually pronounce.

Stay inspired in the kitchen

with these health-first recipes that keep flavor and nutrition on the same playing field.

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